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Decode your team's stress

We all react differently when stressed. SHIFT reveals how stress manifests for each team member to help them cope and support one another.

Home → Solutions: Transformations

In response to the Covid crisis, we've launched new digital tools to help teams get through this crisis and emerge stronger. We want all leaders to have access so are offering them for free.

A Letter From Our CEO

Thousands of companies have built exceptional teams with SHIFT

Help your team cope with stress

Everyone reacts differently to stress. During the crisis, you may see people acting out of character or lashing out - or maybe you've done that yourself. When we understand our triggers and personal responses to stress, we can adopt strategies to better cope and support one another.

Stay in tune with how your team is feeling
Lead open and honest conversations
Make remote work work for your team
Establish new norms for this new normal
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Decode stress with your team

Break down how everyone reacts differently stress and how you can better support one another.

Personalized stress report

After completing our diagnostic, everyone receives a breakdown of how they react to stress with custom coping strategies

Team report

Foster understanding by seeing how team members differ and where you can expect friction

Guided conversation

Leverage our AI-guided conversation tool to facilitate a high impact team discussion

Teammate dynamics

If two teammates' relationship has been strained by stress, pair their perspectives to reveal strategies to work together

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