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Build resilient teams and emerge stronger

During crisis, great leaders bring teams together with frequent, honest and open conversations

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SHIFT helps teams thrive through change. Never has this felt more urgent. We want every team to have access to tools that will help them get through this pandemic together. We're offering 3 months free to all teams.

The world’s top companies drive change with SHIFT

SHIFT's team resilience toolkit

This pandemic is uncharted territory. Employees' lives are in a state of upheaval, not just their jobs. They're stressed and faced with uncertainty. They bring that stress with them when they log in to work.

We'll guide you through it with tools to foster resilience, lead with empathy and support one another.

Stay in tune with how your team is feeling
Lead open and honest conversations
Make remote work work for your team
Establish new norms for this new normal
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Lead compassionate conversations

Stress and uncertainty are spiking. As a team, fill out the anonymous diagnostic and have a high impact guided discussion about how you're all feeling, coping and supporting one another.

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Decode your team's stress

Uncover the different ways each team member copes with stress and explore the impact on the team so you can better support one another.

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Teams under stress dianostic

Stress and uncertainty are spiking. As a team, fill out the anonymous diagnostic and have a guided discussion about how you're all feeling, coping, and supporting one another.

Connect while remote

As a team, assess how well you've adopted remote best practices, identify friction points and commit to ways of working while apart.

Plus, access our Remote Playbook for Leaders.

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Team charter

Together, set new norms for how to operate in this time of crisis. Consider what matters to each person and get everyone aligned on the path forward.

Learn together

Take part in team-based webinars that drive conversations and action on the issues that impact your team today.

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SHIFT helps every member of the team

For executives

Get real-time insights to understand how your teams are adapting to change - how they feel, where they are struggling and how you can help.

For people leaders

Tap into custom guidance for how to lead your team through honest exploratory conversations, establish new norms and bring everyone together even when you're all apart.

For teams

During this time of upheaval, connect with your teammates and understand how everyone is coping and managing with change. Together, you'll find new ways to work, connect and support one another.

At Shift, we believe that teaming is a verb. We help leaders at the world's best companies build strong and happy teams.