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"Everyone is being tested right now, but the stronger your team foundations, the better you are to handle what comes down the road, even if you can't predict it. Shift helps us get the foundations right."

— Matthew Petrilla
Head of Team Intelligence, Vanguard

"My team has a lot of smart and hardworking people, but it wasn't automatic that we knew how to work best together. Shift helped us get quickly to the heart of what we needed to be a productive team and perform better."

— Breanne McMurray
Business Strategy Manager, Accenture

"We need our teams and leaders to have accessible ways to improve how well they perform together. Shift creates a data driven and well structured way for teams to diagnose their issues, and come up with solutions"

— Michael Hill Ph.D.
Director of Integrated Talent Management, Applied Materials

"The Align team exercise is brilliant. The tool enables a team to immediately grasp their most important challenges, based on their own input. It is perhaps the most thrifty change management tool for teams I’ve ever seen—creating a big impact in very little time."

— Tom Penningroth
Transformation Lead, Dow Dupont

“Having used their tools for a number of years now, I have seen again and again how the blend of a slick interface, incredibly clear data reports, anchored to powerful leadership attributes has made the suite of Shift tools one of my go-to solutions in my work with senior executives and top leadership teams.”

— Michael Berger
World-class Executive Coach, Cultivating Leadership

"Managers are best placed to drive the development of their team members. Shift's tools help build our managers' ability to do so in real time".

— Robin Farnworth
Learning & Development Lead, Sanergy

“The tool is an inclusive platform that allows for all team members to engage in diagnosing, discussing and developing their team’s effectiveness. It supports leader enablement and helps  to grow our leaders’ capacity to both advocate and shape our culture and values.”

— Kimberly Border
Manager Talent Management, Diversity & Inclusion, Ovintiv

"I used to spend a full day at an offsite to figure out what my team was struggling with. Now I get 5 minutes of input via Shift and start the offsite with a shared view on the problems, and spend the time solving them"

— Louis Dorval
COO, Viamo

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