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Six months into the pandemic, we need to embrace recovery at work and at home, with Johanne Lavoie

Inspired by her own methods of coping with the pandemic, Johanne draws on her experience as a Master Expert in leadership at McKinsey to offer tips for building recovery and vulnerability into team cultures. Johanne’s ways of using rest, connection, and reframing in her own life hold valuable lessons for leaders seeking to bring vulnerability to their teams.

Inspired by her own methods of coping with the pandemic, Johanne draws on her experience to offer tips for building teams that can adapt and continue performing.

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Build resiliency as corporate lifespans decline, with Pravir Malik

Longevity depends on companies’ ability to morph culture and operations as complex adaptive systems.

When Pravir Malik entered the workforce, he was struck by the lack of humanity and extreme competitiveness prevalent in corporate culture. This formative experience inspired his study of the resilience of enduring organizations - their cultures, people and structures. Today, as Head of Organizational Science for a leading retailer, Pravir is a change architect and preeminent scientist focused on complex adaptive systems and human potential.

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Striking a balance: why women mean business, with Avivah Wittenberg-Cox

CEOs need to pause and ensure their teams are ready for diversity change, says Avivah.

Avivah has always recognized futurists and how they can influence stark change and transformations in organizations. Avivah writes and speaks on the topic of gender diversity and advises some of the world’s biggest organizations to create gender bilingual and inclusive workplaces.

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Psychological safety breeds growth and learning, with Bill Pelster

Bill was a key architect of Deloitte University which revolutionized corporate training. Deloitte University normalized the power of experimental learning and failing in a safe environment.

Throughout his tenure in the air force during the Cold War, Bill Pelster was deeply immersed in a failure averse environment. Upon leaving this space and moving into HR, Bill developed a newfound appreciation for how crucial failure is to growth.

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Vanguard’s competitive edge is its teams, with Bill McNabb

Bill shares Vanguard’s strategies for success, most notably the central role of effective teaming.

Bill McNabb, Chairman and former CEO of The Vanguard Group, shares his approach to unlocking optimal team performance. Today, success is largely determined by how well we perform in teams. From his experiences as a competitive rower to a key leader at the world’s largest mutual fund, Bill has demonstrated a profound proficiency for unlocking optimal team performance.

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Visible data will be tomorrow’s competitive advantage, with Ram Charan

Ram shares insights he’s gleaned from his 35+ year career as an advisor to top companies, CEOs and boards.

As the war for talent increases, data plays an increasingly important role in informing talent decisions. Ram discusses the numerous lessons he’s gleaned from his 35+ year career as an advisor to companies, CEOs and boards across the globe.

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Leaders who show vulnerability build the strongest teams, with Johanne Lavoie

Leading teams through transformations is uncomfortable. Johanne's experiences at McKinsey help her challenge leaders to embrace discomfort.

Johanne opened up about difficult circumstances in her personal life and how these experiences changed how she navigates complexity. As a Master Expert on leadership and coach for senior executives she helps leaders and organizations transform by fostering self-awareness, encouraging vulnerability, and giving voice to resistance.

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You can’t reach everyone, so build a culture that does, with Angela Ruggiero

Angela discusses how her experiences at Bridgewater were shaped by her Team USA hockey experience.

Angela is an Olympic Gold Medalist in hockey who spent over two decades playing for Team USA. In this conversation, Angela connects the mindset of an elite athlete with success in business, and shares how what she learned in hockey applied to her time at Bridgewater Associates.

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The case for CHROs to focus on strategy and offload admin, with Dominic Barton

Dominic’s extensive leadership experience at McKinsey allows him to make succinct recommendations that influence strategy.

According to Dom, as the war for talent intensifies, c-suites can no longer afford to push talent to the bottom of the agenda. Much like how the role of the CFO catapulted in importance with the advent of spreadsheets and financial modeling, Dom says the trajectory of CHROs is accelerating as talent data becomes increasingly valuable.

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Break free from ‘mindtraps’ to thrive in a complex world, with Jennifer Garvey Berger

Growing complexity requires new approaches to leading people and crafting business solutions.

People are brilliantly designed for an older, less connected, more predictable world. Our brains are hardwired to create simple stories to explain events, stories that fail to capture the complexity of today’s business environment. Jennifer coaches prominent corporate leaders to break free from hardwired ‘mindtraps’, and to embrace unpredictability with a sense of curiosity.

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What we can learn from NASA’s high stakes transformation, with Ed Hoffman

Following the tragic disaster of the Columbia Space Shuttle, NASA underwent a massive culture change effort that centered on teamwork.

Ed Hoffman attributes NASA’s culture change to the successful Space Shuttle 119 mission. He describes how a reorientation around teamwork and innovation, along with emphasis on learning and collaboration, marked a critical inflection point in NASA’s history.

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