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Be intentional about Hybrid teams

Shift helps teams redefine what it means to work together while combining remote and in-person.


of leaders plan to permit hybrid work


of managers want training to manage remote staff


of employees improved productivity working remotely

How our clients drive change with Shift

The world's largest companies use SHIFT to build better cultures & performance

Set a new course as a Hybrid Team

Your leaders and teams are  adjusting once again. As in the shift to remote, support and structure matter. Shift helps leaders start out on the right foot with hybrid work.

Explore your team norms

Use research-backed, hybrid specific, team diagnostics to better understand what behaviors matter most to each member of your team.

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Equalize communication

Unlock the power of open conversation with Shift’s patented Team Discussion space tailor-made for the hybrid environment. 

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Collectively commit

Set and track shared commitments and norms to improve hybrid work

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Transformations hinge on behavior change that sticks

To make change stick, we make it social. We focus on teams as the unit of change, who together make change reinforcing by supporting, celebrating and holding one another accountable. 

Align teams around your transformation vision

Use our custom diagnostic to uncover what's holding your teams back and identify hot spots in your transformation adoption.
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Strengthen team dynamics with

Commit to a shared vision

Equipped with real-time insights, identify where change is needed most and facilitate setting shared commitments to get there.
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Sustain behavior change with

Sustain behavior change

Commit and track micro-habits. With custom nudges and the ability to make commitments public, your teams will feel greater accountability to stick to new habits. 
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Build your feedback practice with

Help your teams thrive through change

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Help your teams thrive through change with Shift

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At Shift, we believe that teaming is a verb. We help leaders at the world's best companies build strong and happy teams.