Work together, even when apart

SHIFT helps teams redefine what it means to work together while remote.

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Work together, even when Hybrid

Shift helps teams redefine what it means to work together while combining remote and in-person.

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Powering change at leading enterprises

SHIFT helps teams thrive through change. Never has this felt more urgent. In response to the COVID crisis, we've launched new digital tools to help teams get through this together. We want all leaders to have access so are offering these tools for free.

A Message from our CEO

Navigate hybrid work together

Our Fortune 500 clients know hybrid will be a tricky balance:

- How will hybrid affect my ability to attract talent?
- How will hybrid affect team performance?
- How will leaders ensure good experiences for team members
- How will hybrid affect culture, and onboarding,  learning? 

So far research, and early experimentation, have suggested that a majority of teams that have gone remote during the pandemic are struggling. Established norms, team connectivity, communications and coordination all need to be approached differently for this new environment.

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Set a new course as a Hybrid Team

As a leader, you need to understand how your team is adjusting, coping and performing in the new environment. This requires explicit conversations to set your team on a shared path and prevent problems down the road.

Adopt best practices

Your team completes a quick diagnostic to evaluate how well they’ve adopted hybrid team best practices and flag areas where they're struggling

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Guided conversation

Leverage our custom conversation guide based on your team's needs to facilitate a high-impact team discussion

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Track shared commitments

Set and track shared commitments and norms to improve remote work

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Help your teams thrive through change

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At Shift, we believe that teaming is a verb. We help leaders at the world's best companies build strong and happy teams.