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The big SHIFT to remote work

SHIFT supports the transition to remote work and helps teams redefine what it means to work together.

The rapid acceleration of remote work

Accelerated transition to working remotely takes an emotional toll on teams. Established team norms, processes, and communications no longer fit. Leaders and employees often feel stress, uncertainty and isolation. To support people through this change, leaders need to help their teams cope in a rapidly changing context.

The right answer is the right conversation

To help teams cope, leaders have a responsibility to lead honest team conversations. Our custom diagnostic tools and guides support high-impact conversations among remote teams.

SHIFT’s discussion cycle helps teams:

Surface how everyone is feeling with our unique diagnostic tool
Facilitate the high-impact conversations that create understanding across the team
Establish new norms, processes, commitments and habits  
Get real-time temperature checks on how the team is feeling and adapting 

Establishing a new normal

The adjustment to wide scale remote work requires new norms based on the best practices for how teams work together. 

Our diagnostic tool measures the team behaviors that support this change, including:

We over-communicate and over-include
We are intentional about processes and technology that are inclusive
We share all information digitally
We check-in on how people are feeling

SHIFT helps every member of the team

For executives:

Get real-time insights to understand how your teams are adapting to change - how they feel, where they are struggling, and how you can help.

For people leaders:

Tap into custom guidance for how to lead your team through honest exploratory conversations, establish new norms, and bring everyone together even when you’re all apart.

For teams:

During this time of upheaval, connect with your teammates, and understand how everyone is coping and managing with change. Together you’ll find new ways to work and connect.

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At Shift, we believe that teaming is a verb. We help leaders at the world's best companies build strong and happy teams.