Resilient teams will emerge together

During crises, great leaders bring teams together with frequent, honest and open conversations

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Build team resilience now

Your team is likely stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. You probably are too. SHIFT's digital tools can help you guide them through the crisis and build resilience.

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SHIFT helps thousands of teams thrive through change

SHIFT’s mission to help teams thrive through change has never felt more urgent.

Teams are struggling. They’re anxious and overwhelmed. Productivity and motivation have waned. For many, their natural instinct is to become insular - yet team connectivity and support for one another has never been more crucial.

SHIFT’s new solutions help teams overcome the challenges of this crisis together. Until we’re back to some semblance of normalcy, we’re offering these tools free.

A Message from our CEO

Leaders face new demands

Our new reality doesn’t respect the boundaries of work and life. Many of us are stuck at home, faced with isolation, distraction and uncertainty.

Nearly all managers are struggling, with ⅓ on the brink of burnout. They’re trying to provide answers they don’t have and lead in a time unlike any they’ve seen before. No amount of hot tips will make them feel less overwhelmed, anxious or stressed.

Instead, they need to work through it, with their teams.
SHIFT’s digital tools can help.

Lead the conversations your team needs

Your managers and teams are stretched thin. SHIFT helps uncover what’s holding them back, find ways to support one another, and unify around a new path - in less than an hour.

SHIFT’s Resilience Builder is deceptively simple, yet week over week you’ll see the impact of teams who have each others’ backs - stress diminishes, team effectiveness climbs and communication flows again

Understand what's causing your team stress

Teams complete an anonymous diagnostic that surfaces how everyone is feeling and coping

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Find ways to cope together

Managers, armed with a custom conversation guide based on their team’s needs, facilitate high-impact conversations

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Identify 1-2 high-impact changes

Teams commit to how they’ll support one another, helped by our custom recommendations

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AI-powered, inspired by you

Based on our work with hundreds of coaches and thousands of teams, we've identified what works. These practices are integrated into our recommendation engine, giving you expert-backed guidance based on your team's needs.

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At Shift, we believe that teaming is a verb. We help leaders at the world's best companies build strong and happy teams.