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Shift’s digital coach helps teams develop leadership mindsets to continuously learn, adapt and improve together


of managers don't receive any management training


of organizations experience leadership gaps


of executives believe leadership is a priority

How our clients drive change with Shift

The world's largest companies use SHIFT to build better cultures & performance

The best companies are made up of high performing teams

Shift helps teams better develop leadership skills by understanding one another, aligning on goals
and holding each other accountable.

High trust teams are self-aware

Build leadership skills, trust and compassion through understanding. After a short diagnostic, we map your team’s personality profile and guide you to make your unique cognitive diversity a strength.

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Find common ground

With our patented diagnostic, surface the cracks in your team foundations. We’ll help you guide a discussion to find common ground and commit to the path forward.

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Stick to shared commitments

Adopting new habits is hard, but easier as a team. Commit and track shared commitments, hold one another accountable and provide feedback to help you all stick to your goals.  

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Transformations hinge on behavior change that sticks

To make change stick, we make it social. We focus on teams as the unit of change, who together make change reinforcing by supporting, celebrating and holding one another accountable. 

Align teams around your transformation vision

Use our custom diagnostic to uncover what's holding your teams back and identify hot spots in your transformation adoption.
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Strengthen team dynamics with

Commit to a shared vision

Equipped with real-time insights, identify where change is needed most and facilitate setting shared commitments to get there.
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Sustain behavior change with

Sustain behavior change

Commit and track micro-habits. With custom nudges and the ability to make commitments public, your teams will feel greater accountability to stick to new habits. 
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Build your feedback practice with

Help your teams thrive through change

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Help your teams thrive through change with Shift

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At Shift, we believe that teaming is a verb. We help leaders at the world's best companies build strong and happy teams.