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Brenna Donoghue

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Brenna Donoghue

As Head of Marketing, Brenna is excited to help leaders learn about the transformative power of SHIFT’s tools. 

Brenna is passionate about storytelling and leveraging digital tools to build brands and connect customers with meaningful and relevant experiences. Her 15 year marketing career has run the gamut from an ecommerce start-up to a high-growth non-profit to a large 200 year-old financial institution.  

During her tenure at BMO, Brenna saw just how challenging it can be for large organizations to undergo change programs that effectively engage and resonate with all employees. She joined SHIFT because she believes our tools can be a game-changer in addressing these pervasive challenges. 

Brenna holds a BA, MA, and MBA from Bishop’s University and Queen’s University. She’s happiest when she’s running, be it getting lost on the trails or chasing her two small kids around.

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