Behavior change starts with new habits

Set, track and hold one another accountable for the habits that will lead to meaningful change for your team

Habit provides a lightweight way to:

  • Break down team commitments from your Align discussion into measurable habits
  • Track both personal and team habits
  • Set nudges to help stay on track

Micro-habits are the building blocks of change

Adopting new habits is hard. Our lightweight habit tracker makes it easy to commit, track and stick to new habits as a team and as individuals.

Step 1: Commit to new habits

Set individual or shared habits (you may want to include ones that emerged from your Align conversation) 

Step 2: Track

Track progress by responding to nudges right in your email, keeping new habits top of mind with ease

Step 3: Be accountable

Make your habits public by sharing them with your team and inviting feedback on your progress

Step 4: Update

As new habits stick, update with new ones that keep building toward bigger behavior change

Like all of Shift's digital tools, Habit is:


Quick, intuitive and updated in minutes


Use your Align insights and custom guidance backed by leading research and behavioral models to identify the habits you need now


Unlike prohibitively expensive traditional coaches, SHIFT is available to help every team stay on track and progress


Customize with the cadence of nudges and type of feedback that's right for you


Insights and custom guidance backed by leading research and behavioral models


Customize to reflect your unique organizational priorities and values


Quick, intuitive and contextually relevant

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