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Work together, even when apart

SHIFT helps redefine what it means to work together while remote.

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In response to the Covid crisis, we've launched new digital tools to help teams get through this crisis and emerge stronger. We want all leaders to have access so we're offering them for free during the crisis.

A Letter From Our CEO

Thousands of companies have built exceptional teams with SHIFT

Navigate remote work together

Our research shows that a majority of teams that have gone remote during the Covid crisis are struggling. Established norms no longer fit, miscommunication is on the rise, personal connections have weakened and coordination has diminished. Our tools can help.

Stay in tune with how your team is feeling
Lead open and honest conversations
Make remote work work for your team
Establish new norms for this new normal
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Set a new course as a team

As a leader, you need to understand how your team is adjusting, coping and performing in this new environment. This requires explicit conversations to set your team on a shared path and prevent problems down the road.

Avoid common pitfalls

Your team completes a quick diagnostic to evaluate how well they're adjusting to remote work and identify any failure modes they're at risk of adopting

Lead a guided conversation

Leverage our AI-guided conversation tool to facilitate a high impact team discussion

Track shared commitments

Set and track shared commitments and norms to improve remote work

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Invite your team

Access real-time insights

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At Shift, we believe that teaming is a verb. We help leaders at the world's best companies build strong and happy teams.