Understand each other with Perspective

Accelerate team trust, cohesion and effectiveness when you better understand one another

Deepen understanding with Perspective:

  • Reveal each team member’s personality profile
  • See your team’s composition to find commonalities and normalize differences
  • Apply custom recommendations to make cognitive differences your strengths

Outperforming teams trust and understand one another

When individuals understand how they fit within the team, where they have similarities and how to manage their differences, they feel safe, empathetic and motivated to work together.

Step 1: Self-assess in minutes

Complete the Perspective diagnostic to learn about your personality profile

Step 2: See how your team fits together

Together, review your team’s personality profile composition to surface commonalities and differences

Step 3: Make differences a strength

Lead a custom guided conversation based on your team’s unique composition to deepen understanding of one another and identify how to work better together 


  • Add new team members as they join to accelerate their integration
  • Address conflict by pairing perspectives of struggling team members so they can identify the source of their friction and strategies to work together
  • Accelerate effective teaming by pulling existing profiles into one team map and having a kickoff conversation to accelerate team norming

Like all of Shift's digital tools, Perspective is:


Intuitive diagnostic completed in minutes


Insights and custom guidance are backed by leading research and behavioral models


Unlike prohibitively expensive traditional coaches, SHIFT is available to help every team (even temporary ones) become more effective


Facilitate open and honest conversations that drive understanding with custom guidance based on your team’s responses 


Insights and custom guidance backed by leading research and behavioral models


Customize to reflect your unique organizational priorities and values


Quick, intuitive and contextually relevant

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