Create a culture of feedback

Normalize frequent, relevant, actionable and timely feedback with Reflect360

Share feedback when it matters with Reflect360:

  • Make every project, meeting and conversation an opportunity for learning by soliciting regular feedback
  • Request feedback from anyone company-wide
  • Reduce the stress and pressure of giving and receiving feedback when you make it frequent and bite-sized

Ongoing feedback fuels continuous learning

People hesitate to give feedback because it can feel hard and risky. We focus on building comfort, skills and habits around giving and actioning feedback.

Step 1: Invite feedback

Invite colleagues, managers, reports and stakeholders (anyone in you company!) to give feedback on current work and interactions

Step 2: Assessment

You and your team complete a 16 question assessment in just minutes, adding addition details in open fields to expand on key areas of feedback.

Step 3: Receive feedback

Your report shows how your self-assessment compares to your team’s anonymous assessment, helping you uncover blind spots and identify areas you want to improve.

Step 4: Repeat

Reflect360 is designed for frequent, contextually relevant feedback. We recommend you invite your team’s feedback at least quarterly (though ideally more often) to accelerate learning.

Like all of Shift's digital tools, Reflect360 is:


Quick and intuitive feedback delivered in minutes


Unlike prohibitively expensive and time consuming 360 programs, Reflect360 can be used by everyone on an ongoing basis


Get feedback in real-time that you can action to improve now

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